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Welcome to Relic Hunter Jack, your premier online platform where history leaps off the page and into your imagination! Based in the historic town of Ypres, Belgium, we're on a mission to show the world how exhilarating history can be. Our focus? Bringing the past to life through the lens of World War history, which is reflected in our awe-inspiring collections of museum-grade relics and equipment, including Allies and Axis uniforms, vintage & antique cameras accompanied by rare war photographs and postcards, educational materials, and photographic memorabilia that tell the untold stories of our ancestors.

At Relic Hunter Jack, we're not just about reading history; we're about experiencing it. We uniquely integrate aerial photography and drone videography, offering an immersive bird's-eye view of battlefields and memorials. This innovative approach allows our audience to traverse historic landscapes from the comfort of their homes, making history accessible to everyone, everywhere. Imagine soaring over the sombre beauty of war memorials or exploring the contours of historic battlefields, all through your screen. That's the Relic Hunter Jack experience.

But we don't stop there. We pride ourselves on curating an exceptional collection of war-inspired items and relics. Each piece in our collection serves as a tangible link to the past, inviting our users to hold history in their hands. These aren't just objects; they're portals to stories of bravery, sacrifice, and the human spirit. And for those who seek a deeper connection, our platform offers personalised ancestor in war biographies, transforming names in history books into real, relatable stories of heroes who walked before us.

Our services extend beyond the visual, encompassing educational content creation that enriches the mind and soul. From historic interpretation displays to exclusive memberships, we offer a suite of services designed to engage, educate, and inspire. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a student, or simply curious, Relic Hunter Jack invites you to embark on a journey through time, exploring the world of our ancestors in war with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit.

Join us at Relic Hunter Jack, where history is not just learned; it's lived. Dive into a world of interpretive narratives, breathtaking aerial photography, and relics that whisper tales of yesteryear. Together, let's uncover the stories that shaped our world, commemorating our ancestors in war with every click, every view, and every cherished item. History awaits—are you ready to explore?

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Jack’s enthusiasm for history is infectious. His passion is palpable enough to inspire others towards where history meets storytelling; engagingly sharing his extensive collection of uniforms, artefacts amongst other items seasoned blessing linked by stories that encapsulate human virtues - bravery, courage tied up neatly using universal resources. By harnessing his voracious appetite for knowledge sharing coupled with fostering relationships among likeminded individuals, he invites all age groups to indulge in this shared appreciation for historical narratives.


One cannot help but be captivated by Jack's museum-grade relics and equipment, meticulously preserved and carefully displayed. His collection includes a vast array of Allies and Axis uniforms, showcasing the distinctive styles and intricate details that marked this tumultuous period in history. Jack's commitment to authenticity shines through in the quality and accuracy of each piece, ensuring an immersive and enlightening experience for visitors. He has included his Great Grandfather Captain Frederick William (Bill) Doran's private collection of the 19th Battalion C.E.F., alongside his many stories of ancestors in War. Our collections are available for historical interpretations demonstrations. Get in touch


Audrey Marie Photography and RHJ is where we share an old time photography art form, taking photos with vintage & antique cameras, on vintage sets and in historical locations as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. In an age where instant gratification and digital enhancement dominate the photography world, we strive to re explore the natural imperfections and idiosyncrasies that can be found in antique cameras and film. These imperfections tell a tale of authenticity and uniqueness, reminding society of the beauty that lies in the small imperfections we often overlook. We rediscover the perfection in imperfection, breathing new life into a fading art form that encapsulates the essence of nostalgia and the wonder of bygone eras.



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