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Sanderson De Lux ca.1909

The Sanderson De Luxe ca. 1909 Designed by Frederick Sanderson who was an English woodworker unhappy with the hand cameras to him in 1880's decided to build his own. This Sanderson De Luxe was made of Spanish mahogany and brass, with the body covered in black leather. It is used with dry plates creating images of 3 1/4" X 4 1/4". In 1910 it cost £13 in the catalog. I purchased it for a tad more than it's price in 1910 from the grandson of its original owner who lives in Scotland. I feel very privileged to have a piece of Sanderson history, now in my care for safe keeping.

1910 Sanderson Camera.png
ant cam.jpg
Thornton Pickard

The Thornton Pickard View Camera, produced between 1880-1900, is a prime example of early camera craftsmanship. Its intricate design and attention to detail showcase the dedication of its creators. The camera's historical significance offers a window into the evolution of photography, making it a sought-after collector's item for photography enthusiasts and historians alike.

Jules Richard Verascope

Jules Richard Verascope Stereo Camera. 

The instrument company owned by Jules Richard was a pioneer in stere photography, popularising a 45x107mm plate format which made very pot stereo cameras possible.

The Richard Vérascope brand was used on a long series of stereo cameras beginning in 1893, and continuing through the 1950s.

Thornton Pickard Ruby

The Thornton Pickard Ruby 1912 is a classic camera known for its unique design and historical significance. The Ruby 1912 stands out as a beautiful piece of vintage photography equipment. This camera is a favourite among collectors and photography enthusiasts for its craftsmanship and connection to the early days of photography.

P ocket  K odak

The 1912 Vest Pocket Camera was revolutionary for soldiers during World War One. Its compact design allowed soldiers to easily carry it in their pockets, capturing important moments on the battlefield. This camera's introduction marked a significant milestone in the history of photography, making it more accessible and convenient for documenting war experiences.

Vest Pocket Camera and Album.jpeg


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