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Jack is a seasoned traveller and historian with a deep-seated passion for World War-era history. His extensive travels around the globe have not only enriched his understanding of diverse cultures and histories but have also honed his commitment to creating a one-of-a-kind museum grade World War 1 & World War 2 collection of artefacts, photographs, uniforms and equipment, and ancestral stories of soldiers in war to elaborate on a visitors experience.

Jack Hunter has also had an interesting journey that has led him to Relic Hunter Jack.  His most recent roles have included Affiliate Research Assistant for projects at Ypres Belgium In Flanders Field Museum. His work has involved helping others follow the steps of their ancestors in war and fundraising for various museums, groups, and organisations.  Having spent over a decade accumulating international experiences from living ex-patriotically across half a dozen countries, he has carved out a distinguished full-time career as an erudite Historic Interpreter and skilled WW1 & WW2 specialist.


Jack’s enthusiasm for history is infectious. His passion is palpable enough to inspire others towards where history meets storytelling; engagingly sharing his extensive collection of uniforms, artefacts amongst other items seasoned blessing linked by stories that encapsulate human virtues - bravery, courage tied up neatly using universal resources. By harnessing his voracious appetite for knowledge sharing coupled with fostering relationships among likeminded individuals, he invites all age groups to indulge in this shared appreciation for historical narratives.

Jack's mission is to underscore the salience of enlightening our younger generation about the valorous acts and sacrifices that our forbears made during wartimes. By creatively bridging the passage of time, his endeavour to transform historical learning into an engaging narrative and connecting others to the importance of the past. Jack's unwavering dedication prioritises providing exhibits and material that are both authentic and historically accurate in nature. Hoping to inspire others along the way with a visual demonstration and interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of what our ancestors encountered during times of conflict.

Active Projects

Jack has established a strong and ongoing collaboration with the esteemed In Flanders Field Museum in Ypres, Belgium. His involvement in various projects has been instrumental in shedding light on the remarkable stories of soldiers and their experiences during times of war. 


One significant contribution that Jack has made is the provision of rare World War One photographs, sourced from his personal collection. These captivating images focus specifically on a German soldier from the distinguished 99th Regiment. Once fully identified and authenticated, these photographs will serve as a notable addition to the museum's curated exhibits.


Moreover, Jack's commitment extends beyond mere visual documentation. He has been diligently working on creating comprehensive biographies of soldiers, immersing himself in the personal narratives of his ancestors who served in war. Notably, his meticulous research has culminated in the recently completed biography of his great grandfather, Frederick William Doran; a soldier who bravely served in Ypres during World War One. This compelling account has been duly recognized and has been added to the ongoing project of documenting soldiers' stories at the museum. People from five continents and from more than a hundred different countries took part in the war. Their personal stories are all equally worthy of being passed on, Jack's great-grandfathers included!


Jack's frequent collaboration with the In Flanders Field Museum showcases his passion for preserving history and honouring the sacrifices of those who fought in war. Through his dedicated efforts, he has successfully brought to light the experiences of soldiers, providing a vivid glimpse into their lives and ensuring that their legacies live on for future generations.

The In Flanders Field Museum acknowledges and appreciates Jack's invaluable contributions, as his work aligns seamlessly with the museum's mission of commemorating and educating visitors about the impact of war. Their collaboration continues to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for soldiers and their invaluable role in shaping our shared history.

Relic Hunter Jack

Join Jack the Relic Hunter as he embarks on thrilling adventures right in the heart of Europe. With battlefields at his doorstep in various locations where he has lived, Jack's escapades promise to be both exciting and educational. Explore historical sites, uncover hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Europe's past alongside Jack. Don't miss out on the chance to join him on these exhilarating excursions!

Historical Research

Jack's frequent collaboration with the In Flanders Field Museum and various other museum and organisations showcases his passion for preserving history and honouring the sacrifices of those who fought in war. Through his dedicated efforts, he has successfully brought to light the experiences of soldiers, providing a vivid glimpse into their lives and ensuring that their legacies live on for future generations. Jack welcomes opportunities that come his way, and encourages you to

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Heart Of A Volunteer

As a volunteer, I am committed to fostering unity, compassion, and empathy within our communities. I understand the ripple effect that a single act of kindness can have and firmly believe that it is through collective efforts that we can create positive change.I have worked with various groups  since 2012 in Canada, France, U.K., and Northern Ireland. I am a proud volunteer having been entrusted to help our heroes throughout special events and Anniversaries. I also remain active, helping raise funds for organisations that keep the memories alive!

Historic Interpretations

My goal is to be that bridge by becoming an educational medium, that enlightens and engages, sharing information  and resources by educating as a historical interpreter, with unique visual displays and interactive re-enactment demonstrations.  Jack is not only a historic interpreter but also a true enthusiast who possesses a genuine love for sharing history with others. He wholeheartedly believes that history is not a dull subject but one filled with excitement and intrigue. 

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Heritage Craft Photography Assistant

Overall, my role as an Analogue Photography Assistant revolves around creating a transformative experience, allowing museum visitors to acquire a return ticket to a moment otherwise lost in time. With my expertise in vintage cameras and equipment, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for analogue photography, I strive to contribute to the captivating storytelling process of recreating historical eras through the art of photography.

WW1 & WW2
Museum Curator

Jack's museum is home to an awe-inspiring collection of museum-grade relics and equipment, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to delve into the past. Among the treasures showcased are authentic Allies and Axis uniforms, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the different factions involved in these global conflicts.

Historic Re-Enactment 
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